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thế bấm
When you're [Em]down and [B7]troubled and you [Em]need some [B7]lovin'
And [Am]nothing, [D]nothing is going [G]right
[F#m]Close your eyes and [B7]think of me and [Em]soon I [B7]will be [Em]there
To [Am]brighten up [D]even your darkest [Am]nights
You just [G]call out my name, and you [C]know, wherever I am,
I come [G]running to see you [Am]again [D7]
[G]Winter spring summer or [G7]fall [C]all you got to do is [Am]call
And I'll [C]be there, yes I [Am]will
[A]You've got a [G]friend
If the [Em]sky a [B7]bove you [Em]grows dark [B7]and full [Em]of clouds,
and [Am]that old north [D]wind begins to [G]blow
[F#m]Keep your head [B7]togheter, and [Em]call my [B7]name out [Em]loud
[Am]Soon you'll hear me [D]knocking at your [Am]door
[F]Now ain't it good to know that [C]you've got a friend
When [G]people can be so [G7]cold
The'll [C]hurt you, yes and [Fm]desert you and [Em]take your soul if you [Am7]let them
But [A7]don't you let [D]them
[A]You've got a [G]friend. [D]You've got a [Em]friend
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