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thế bấm
Capo I


(Verse 1)
[D]Looks like we [G]made it, Look [A]how far we've come my baby
We[D] mighta took [G]the long way[A], We knew we'd get there someday

[D]They said, "[G]I bet [A]they'll never make it"
But just [D]look at[G] us [A]holding on
We're still [D]together[G] still [A]going strong

You're [D]still the one
You're still[G] the one I run to
[Em]The one [A]that I belong to
[D]You're [G]still the [A]one I want for life
You're [D]still the one
You're still [G]the one that I love
[Em]The only [A]one I dream of
[D]You're still[G] the one I [A]kiss good night

(Verse 2)
[D]Ain't nothin' better
[G]We beat [A]the odds together
[D]I'm glad we didn't listen
[G]Look at [A]what we would be missin'

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)
[D] [G] [A]
(Repeat Chorus)

[D]I'm so glad we made it
[G]Look how far[A] we've come my baby
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