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thế bấm
[D]1. when i [Em]cal l you up [G]your lines [D]engag ed
i [D]have had [Em]eno ugh so [G]act your [D]ag e
[D]w e have lost [Em]th e time [G]that wa s so hard [D]to f ind
[D]an d i will lose [Em]m y mind [G]if y ou wont [D]see me
[G]y ou wont [D]see me
i dont know why you should want to hide
but i cant get through my hands are tied
i wont want to stay i dont have much to say
but i can turn away if you wont see me
you wont see me
[Em]tim e after time you refuse [D]to e ven listen
i [Em]wouldn't mind if i knew what [A]i was missing
though [D]th e days are [Em]f ew theyre [G]fil led [D]with t ears
and since i [Em]los t you [G]it f eels like [D]yea rs
yes it seems [Em]so long girl [G]sinc e youve [D]been g one
and i cant [Em]go on if you [G]w ont [D]see m e
[G]yo u wont [D]see me
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