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thế bấm
I [G]wake [G]up [Am]cold.
[Em]Turn [F]around.
[G]You ‘re still asleep.
[C]I dreamt that we [G]belonged like this.
[Am]Side by side a [Em]silent kiss.
[F]But who am I [G]fooling.
[C]A [G]-fraid to [Am]see.
We’re [Em]meant to [F]be.
[G]It’s a venture.
[C]My innocence [G]leaves no room.
For [Am]feelings that I [Em]have to [F]prove...........
Angels are [G]crying.
[F]And so is [G]my heart.
When the moment [C]comes [G].
And you [Am]feel [Em]alone.
Then you [F]try to [G]remember what went [C]wrong [G]..........
Then you [C]realize [G].........
It’s too [Am]late to [Em]cry.
Spread your [F]wings and [G]learn to [C]fly.
I take my close
From the floor
And close the door
I’ve started my journey home
A cold wind blow
I walk the road
Another adventure
You lose your hope
To find the one
You’re looking for
[C]Instead you take what [G]you can find.
[Am]Another night with [Em]steamed -up [F]lies.
She knows in the [G]morning [F]............
That you will [G]be [G]gone..........
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