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thế bấm
1. [Bb] There are [Cm] times when a [F] woman has to [Bb] say what's on her mind
Even [Cm] though she knows [F] how much it's gonna [Bb] hurt
[Cm] Before I say another [F] word let me [Bb] tell you, I [G] love you
Let me hold [Cm] you close and [Eb] say these words as [Cm] gently as I [F7] can.

2. [Cm] There's been another [F] man that I've [Bb] needed and I've loved
[Cm] But that doesn't [F] mean I love you [Bb] less
And he [Cm] knows he can't pos-[F] sess me and he [Bb] knows he never will
There's just this [Cm] empty place in-[Eb] side of me that [Cm] only he can [F7] fill

Chorus: [Cm] Torn between two [F] lovers, [Dm] feelin' like a [G] fool
[Cm] Lovin' [F] both of you is [Bb] breakin' all the [F] rules
[Cm] Torn between two [F] lovers, [Dm] feelin' like a [G] fool
[Cm] Lovin' you both is [F7] breakin' all the [Bb] rules.

3. [Cm] You mustn't think you've [F] failed me
Just [Bb] because there's someone else
You were the [Cm] first real love [F] I ever [Bb] had
[Cm] And all the things I [F] ever said
I [Bb] swear they still are [G] true
For [Cm] no one else can [Eb] have the part of [Cm] me I gave to [F7] you.

Bridge: [Cm] I couldn't really [F] blame you if you [Bb] turned and walked away
But with [Cm] everything I [Eb] feel inside, I'm [Cm] asking you to [F7] stay
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