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thế bấm
There [F]wer e bells on [B7]a hill
But I never [Gm]heard them [Bbm]rin ging
No I [F]ne ver [Am]heard them [Gm]at a ll
[C]Till there was [F]yo [Gm]u--- [C]--- [C7]---.
There [F]we re birds in the [B7]s ky
But I [Gm]never saw them [Bbm]win ging
No I [F]ne ver saw [Am]th em [Gm]at a ll
[C]Til l there [F]wa s [B7]yo u
Then there [Bb]w as music, [Bbm]and [F]wonderful ro ses
They tell [D]m e, in [Gm]swe et [C]fragrant m eadows of [C7]dawn, and you
There was [F]love, all [B7]aro und
But I never [Gm]he ard it [Bbm]sing ing
No I [F]n ever [Am]he ard it [Gm]at all
[C]Til l there was [F]yo [G]u-- [C]---- [C7]----.
Then there was music, and wonderful roses
They tell me, in sweet fragrant meadows of dawn and you
There was love, all around
But I never heard it singing
No I never heard it at all,
Till there was you
Tiiiiiill there was youuuuuuuuuuuuu
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