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thế bấm
[G] [Em] [C] [D] x2
[G]I'm five years [Em]old
It's getting [C]cold, got my big [D]coat on
I [G]hear your [Em]laugh
And look up at [C]smilin at you, I run [D]and run
[G]Past the pumpkin [Em]patch
And the tractor [C]rides, Look now, the sky [D]is gold
I [G]hug your [Em]legs
And fall [C]asleep on the way [D]home
I [C]don't [D]know why all the trees [G]change in the fall [Em]
[C]But I know [D]you're not scared of [G]anything at [Em]all
[C]Don't know if [D]Snow White's house is near [G]or far [Em]away
But I know I had the [C]best day [D]with you today [G]
[G]I'm 13 [Em]now
And don't know [C]how my friends could be [D]so mean
I [G]come home [Em]crying
and you hold me [C]tight and [D]grab the keys
[G]And we drive and [Em]drive
Until we find a [C]town far [D]enough away
[G]And we talk and [Em]window shop
Til Ive [C]forgotten all [D]their names
I [C]don't [D]know who I'm gonna [G]talk to now at [Em]school
[C]But I know [D]I'm laughing on the car [G]ride home [Em]with you
[C]Don't know how [D]long it's gonna [G]take to feel [Em]okay
But I know I had the [C]best day [D]with you today [G]
I [Em]have an [C]excellent father
[G]His strength is [D]making me stronger
[Em]God smiles on my [C]little brother
[G]Inside and out, he's [D]better than I am...
I [C]grew up in a [D]pretty house and I [G]had space to [Em]run
And I had the [C]best days [D]with you
[G]There is a [Em]video
I [C]found from back when I [D]was three
[G]You set up a [Em]paint set
in the [C]kitchen and you're [D]talking to me
[G]It's the age of [Em]princesses
and [C]pirate ships and the [D]seven dwarfs
[G]My Daddy's [Em]smart
And you're the prettiest [C]lady in the [D]whole wide world
[C]Now I [D]know why the all the trees [G]change in the [Em]fall
I [C]know you [D]were on my side [G]even when I was [Em]wrong
And I [C]love you for giving me [D]your eyes, staying back and [G]watching me shine [Em]
And I [C]didn't know if [D]you knew, so I'm takin [G]this chance to [Em]say
I had the [C]best day [D]with you [G]today.
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