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thế bấm
Ooh hey, [Am]yeah
Hush, [Am]just stop
There’s nothing [F]you can [E]do or say, baby
I’ve had [Am]enough
I’m not your [F]property as from [E]today, baby
You [F]might [E]think that I won' [F]t make [G]it on my own
But now I’m…
[F]Strong er than [G]yesterday [Am].
Now [F]it’s nothing [G]but my way [Am].
[C]My [F]lonliness ain’t killing [Dm]me [G]no more
I’m [Am]strong [B]er [Am].
Than I ever [F]thought that I could be, [E]baby
I used [Am]to go with the flow
Didn’t [F]really care ‘bout [E]me
You [F]might [E]think that I [F]can’t take it, but you’re [G]wrong
‘Cause now I’m…
Stronger [F]than [G]yesterday. [Am]
[F]Now it’s nothing [G]but my way. [Am]
My [C]lonliness [F]ain’t killing me [Dm]no [G]more
[Am]I’m strong [B]er [Am].
Come on, now
Oh, yeah
I go, on my own
I don’t need nobody, better off alone
Here [Am]I go, on [F]my own now
I don’t [G]need nobody, not [D]any body
[Am]He re I go [F] [G] [D]
[Am]alright, here [F]I go [G] [D]
[F]Stronger than [G]yesterday [Am].
[F]Now it’s [G]nothing but my way [Am].
My [C]lon liness ain’t [Dm]killing [G]me no more
[Am]I’m [G/b].
Stronger [F]than [G]yesterday [Am].
Now [F]it’s nothing but [G]my way. [Am]
My [C]lonli ness [Dm]ain’t killing [G]me no more
[Am]I’m [G/b].
[F]Stronger [G]than [Am]yester day
Now [F]it’s nothing [G]but my [Am]way
My [C]lon liness [Dm]ain’t killing [G]me no more
[Am]I’m strong [B]er [Am].
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