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thế bấm
Intro: Am-Em-Fmaj7-E7-F-G-C
Y [C]ou made [Em]up your mind it [Fmaj7]was time it [G]was o ver
[C]After we had c [Em]ome so [Fmaj7]f [G/gsus]ar
B [Am]ut I think [Em]there's enough [Fmaj7]pieces of [E/e7]forgiven ess
S [F]omewhere in my [G]br oken [C]hear t
I would not have chosen the road you have taken
It has left us miles apart
But I think I can still find the will to keep going
Somewhere in my broken heart
S [F]o fly, go ahead and fly [C]until you find out [G7]who [C]you are
[F]And I, I will keep my love unspoken so [Em]mewhere in [Dm]my [Gsus]broken [G]h eart
I hope that in time you will find what you long for
Love that's written in the stars
And when you finally do I think that you will see it
Somewhere in my broken
Somewhere in my broken heart
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