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thế bấm
1. [D] There was a man [Bm] a lonely man
[A7] Who lost his love through his indiffe-[D]rence
A heart that cared [Bm] that went unshared
[A7] Until it died within his [D] silence [A]

Chorus: And [D] solitare's the only game in [F#m] town
And [Bm] every road that takes him takes him down
And [Em] by himself it's easy to pre-[A] tend
He'll never [D] love again [A]

And [D] keeping to himself he plays the [F#m] game
With-[Bm] out her love it always ends the same
While [Em] life goes on around him every-[A] where
He's playing [D] solitaire [A7]

2. [D] A little hope [Bm] goes up in smoke
[A7] Just how it goes goes without [D] saying
There was a man [Bm] a lonely man
[A7] Who would command the hand [D] he's playing [A]
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