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thế bấm
Intro: [Bb]/ [Bbsus2]/ [Bb]
[Bb]Spring, summer, fall & [Cm]winter dreams..
[F]Those are shinning like a [Bb]star.
They keep [Gm]whispering,
" [Cm]I'm so in [F]love with you " [Bb]
[Bb]Spring, summer, fall & [Cm]winter love..
[F]It is breezing to my [Bb]heart and it keeps [Gm]telling
" [F]I'll make you [Eb]rainbow smile "
I re [Bb]member when we [Cm]were angels.
[F]When we dreamed about [Bb]us.
All my [Gm]days were happy just like a [Cm]snowy christmas
I [Eb]wish I'd have them [F]always..
Every [Bb]step I make writes a [Cm]story.
[F]It is full of the [Bb]heart feeling [Gm]love of my life
and missing [Cm]friends of my time.
I [Eb]wish I'd have them [Gm]all... [F]
VIOLIN SOLO: [Bb]/ [Cm]/ [F]/ [Bb]/ [Gm]/ [Cm]/ [Eb]/ [F]
Spring, summer, fall & winter days.
We've been sharing all the hearts love
shings in my eyes love just won't fade away.
I remember when we were angels.
When we dreamed about us.
All my days were happy just like a snowy christmas
I wish I'd have them always..
Every step I make writes a story
It is full of the heart feeling love of my life
and missing friends of my time.
I wish I'd have them all..
If you'd all the way show me the world
where I will stay in love
All my days will be write just like a snowy chirstmas
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