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thế bấm
Little [G]faith, brightens are [C]rainy day
Life is [Em]difficult you can go [C]away
Don't [Am]hide yourselvies in a [C]corner
You [Em]have my place to [G]stay
Sorrow is gonna say [C]goodbye
Opens [Em]up you see the happy [G]sunshine
Keep [F]going on with [C]your dream
Chasing [G]tomorrow [Dm]sunrise
The spirit can never [G7]die
[Em]Sun will [G]shine my [C]friend
Won't [Em]let you [C]cry my [G]dear
[Gsus4/G]Seeing you, [C]share the tear
[Gsus4/G]Make my woe [C]disappear
You [G]never be [Dm]alone in [G7]darkness
See my [Gsus4/G]smile my [C]friend
We [Em]are with [C]you holding [Em]hands
[Gsus4/G]You have god to [C]believe
[Gsus4/G]You are my [C]destiny
We [Dm]meant to be your [G]friends
That's [Em]what a [C]friendship be
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