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thế bấm
Pretty [A]Woman Walking [F#m]Down The Street
Pretty [A]Woman The Kind [F#m]I Like To Meet
Pretty [D]oman I don't [E]believe you Your're not the truth
No One can Look as good as [E7]you
Pretty Woman Wont you pardon me
Pretty Woman I Coudn't help but see
Pretty Woman You loook so lovely as can be
Are you lonely just like me
Pretty [Dm]Woman [G]stop awhile
Pretty [C]Woman Talk [Am]Awhile
Pretty [Dm]Woman [G7]Give Your [C]smile to me
Pretty [Dm]woman [G]Yeah Yeah Yeah
Pretty [C]Woman Look [Am]My Way
Pretty [Dm]Women [G7]Say you'll [C]stay [A]with me
Cause I [F#m]need [Dm]you I'll [E]treat you [A]right
Come with me [F#m]baby [Dm]Be [E7]mine tonight
Pretty [A]Woman Dont [F#m]walk on by
Pretty [A]Woman Dont [F#m]Make me cry
Pretty [D]Woman Dont walk [E]walk away hey ok
If thats the way it must be okay
I guess I'll go on home Its late
There'll be tomorrow night but wait
what do i [E7]see
Is she walking back to me yeah
shes walking back to me
Oh ho pretty [A]woman
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