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thế bấm
[G] [C] [G] [Em] [C] [D7]

[G]Just about a year ago, I [C]set out on the [G]road,
Seekin my fame and [Em]fortune, [C]lookin for a pot of [D7]gold.
[G]Things got bad, and [Em]things got worse, I [C]guess you will know the [G]tune.
Oh ! lord, [D]stuck in Lodi [C]again[G]

[G]Rode in on the Greyhound, I ll be [C]walkin out if I [G]go.
I was just passin [Em]through, must be [C]seven months or [D7]more.
[G]Ran out of time and [Em]money, [C]looks like they took my [G]friends.
Oh ! lord, I m [D]stuck in Lodi [C]again[G].

[G]The man from the magazine [C]said I was on my [G]way.
Somewhere I lost [Em]connections, [C]ran out of songs to [D7]play.
[G]I came into town, a [Em]one night stand, [C]looks like my plans fell [G]through
Oh ! lord, [D]stuck in Lodi [C]again[G].

[G]If I only had a dollar, for [C]every song I ve [G]sung.
And every time I ve [Em]had to play while [C]people sat there [D7]drunk.
You [G]know, Id catch the [Em]next train [C]back to where I [G]live.
Oh ! lord, I m [D]stuck in Lodi [C]again[G].
Oh ! lord, I m [D]stuck in Lodi [C]again[G].

* Alternate:
Capo III
G = E
C = A
Em = C#m
D = B
D7 = B7
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