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thế bấm
[C]Down the way, [F]where the nights are gay
And [G]the sun shines daily [C]on the mountain top
[C]I took a trip [F]on a sailing ship
And [G]when I reached Jamaica
[C]I made a stop.
[C]But I'm, sad to say [Am]I'm on my way
[G]Won't be back [C]for many a day
My [Am]heart is down, [Dm]my head is spinning around
I [C]had to leave a little [G]girl in Kingston [C]town.
[C]Sounds of laughter, [F]everywhere
And [G]the dancing girls [C]swing to and fro
[C]I must declare my [F]heart is there
Though [G]I've been from [C]Maine to Mexico.
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