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thế bấm
Verse 1
[F#m]Empty [C#m]space s
[E]Fill me up [B]with holes
[F#m]Dis [C#m]tant [E]face s
With [B]no place left to go
[F#m]Without [C#m]you within me
I [E]can't [B]find no rest
[F#m]Where [C#m]I'm [B]going i s [B]anybod [A]y's guess
I've [C#m]trie [E]d
To [B]go on like [A]I never knew you
[C#m]I'm [E]awak e
But [B]my world is half asleep
I [C#m]pra [E]y
For [B]this heart to be unbroken
But [A]without you [C#m]all [B]I'm going to be is
[F#m]-- [C#m]-- [E]-- [B]-- ---- (Yes, these same chords of the verse)
Verse 2 (same as 1)
Voices tell me
I should carry on
But I am swimming
In an ocean all alone
Baby, my baby->
It's written on your face
You still wonder
If we made a big mistake
[A]Incom plete
I [C#m]don't [B]mean to drag it on
But [B]I can't seem [A]to let you go
I [C#m]don't [B]wanna make you face this world aloooone
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