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thế bấm
1. [Bb] Day after day that [Bbmaj7] time passed away
[Eb] And I just can't get you [F] off my mind
[Bb] Nobody knows, I [Bbmaj7] hide it inside
[Eb] I keep on searching but [F] I can't find

The [Dm] courage to show to [Gm] letting you know
[Cm] I've never felt so much [F] love before
And [Eb] once [F] again. I'm [Dm] thinking about [Gm]
[Cm] Taking the [Eb] easy way out [F]

Chorus: But if i [C] let you go, I will [Am] never know
What my [F] life would be, Holding you [G] close to me
Will I [Am] ever see, ou smiling [F] back at me
[Dm] How will I know [Fm], If [C] I let you go

2. [Bb] Night after night, I [Bbmaj7] hear myself say
[Eb] Why can't this feeling just [F] fade away
There's [Bb] no one like you, who [Bbmaj7] speaks to my heart
[Eb/G] It's just a shame, we're [F] worlds apart

I'm [Dm] too shy to ask, I'm [Gm] too proud to lose
But [Cm] sooner or later, I've [F] gotta choose
And [Eb] once [F] again i'm [Dm] thinking about [Gm]
[Cm] Taking the [Eb] easy way out [F]
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