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thế bấm
I gotta take a little [F] time
A little [Bb] time to think things [Dm] over
I better read between the [F] lines
In case I [Bb] needed when I’m [Dm] colder [C][Am][Dm]

Now this mountain I must [F] climb
Feel like a [Bb] world upon my shoul- [Dm] ders
Through the clouds I see love [F] shine
It keeps me [Bb] warm as life grows [Dm] colder

In my [Gm] life there's been [C] heartache and [Dm] pain
[Bb] I don't [Gm] know if I can [C] face it [Dm] again, [Bb] can't stop [Gm] now
I've [C] traveled so [Dm] far to [Bb] change this lonely [Dm] life [C]

[F] I want to know what love [C] is
[Gm] I want you to [C] show me
[F] I want to feel what love [C] is
[Gm] I know you can [C] show me oh oh [Dm] oh

I'm gonna take a little [F] time
A little [Bb] time to look a- [Dm] round me
I've got nowhere left to [F] hide
It looks like [Bb] love has finally [Dm] found me
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