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thế bấm
Intro: [G] . . . [Em] . . . . . . [Dsus4] . . .
Verse 1:
Would you [G]dance if I asked you to [Em]dance?
Would you run and never look [Dsus4]back?
Would you [G]cry if you saw me [Em]crying?
And would you save - my - [Dsus4]soul to - [G][Gsus4]night
Verse 2:
Would you [G]tremble if I touched your [Em]lips?
Or would you laugh? Oh, Please tell me [Dsus4]this
Would you [G]die now for the one you [Em]love?
Oh hold me [C]in - Your - [Dsus4]arms to - [G][Gsus4]night
[G]I can [D]be your hero [C][D]baby
[G]I can kiss [D]away the [C][D]pain
[G]I will [D]stand by You for - [C]ever [D]
[G]You can [D]take my [C]breath a - way
Verse 3:
Would you [G]swear that you'll always be [Em]mine?
Or would you [C]lie? Would you run and [Dsus4]hide?
Am I too [G]deep? Have I lost my [Em]mind?
I don't [C]care You're - [Dsus4]hear - to - [G][Gsus4]night
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