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thế bấm
You left me [C]paralyzed.
No cure. No rehab [G]for me.
Funny that you got the nerve to keep [Am]askin' me how I've been.
You're the victor in this [E]pageantry.
But the only trophy you deserve... [E]Catastrophe.
I'd rather we be dead to [C]each other.
No eulogles said for [E]each other.
No rest in [Am]peace's.
The memories got my [F]chest in pieces
I'm prayin' that your eyes are the 1st to go.
The way they looked when you smiled.
The way the opened n closed.
Then your nose.
Every single breath against my neck.
And then your lips.
Every empty promise made and said.
Please fade.
Fade to black.
Please fade.
Fade to black.
But the nightmares come back.
Because your [C]eyes, nose, lips
Every [E]look and every breath
Every [Am]kiss still got me dying
Uh, [F]still got me crying
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