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thế bấm
[Am] [Em] [F] [C]
[Am] [Em] [F] [C] [G] [E]
[Am]Like the sound from the [Em] silence
Covering our [F]Hearts
We 've drowned to this [C] place
[G] Deeper.... more and more.
[Am] In the loneliness of [Em] life
We've prayed to the [F] Gods
for the [C] healing [G] song on your [F] Pain
[F] [E] (x4)
[Am] Frozen sky we've stayed and [Em] Sleep inside
And [F] how we died [C] alone [G] ?
[Am] My evenfall downs with the [Em] Crimson wine
[F] Our tears have cried [C] nomore [G]
[Am] in The End...We are all [Em] alone....
[F] Embracing my heart...with [C] you...
[Am] A teardrop from your [Em] eyes...
is the [F] fear drowning in my [E] nights...
Repeat Verse and Chord onetime...
Solo and End:
[Am] [Em] [F] [C]
[Am] [Em] [F] [C] [G] [E]
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