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thế bấm
1. [Am] All I want is change
Ex-[Em] citement something new
[Am] Everyday the [G] same
I [Em] long to get away
[Am] Take me to a place
That [Em] I have never been
[Am] Where I can es-[G] cape
And [Em] paradise be-[Am] gins

Chorus: I close my [F] eyes
And [G] everything's all [Am] right
All that I [F] need
Is [G] only in my dreams
[Am] All I do is daydream
[G] Hoping, wishing, waiting
[Em] Waiting for my life to [Am] change
[Am] Everything is fading
[G] Give me, save me, take me
[Em] Take me to my fanta-[Am] sy

2. [Am] Here I am again
In [Em] darkness when I wake
[Am] Will this ever [G] end
This [Em] life that's dull and gray
[Am] In my fairytale,
Is [Em] where I want to stay
[Am] My reali-[G] ty,
Is [Em] driving me in-[Am] sane
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