- - -
thế bấm
[C]L ately [G]y ou have [D]been asking me
[G]I f all [D]m y [Em]words a re true
[C]D on't [G]you know [D]I'll do [G]anything for you
[C]S ometimes [G]I haven't [D]bee n good to you
[G]S ometimes [D]I've made you [Em]c ry
[C]A nd I am [G]s orry for [D]every thing
But I [C]pr omise you girl, [D]I promise you this
When the [G]bl ue [C]nig ht [D]is [G]over my face
On the [Em]da rk [C]side of [D]the world [Em]in space
When I'm [G]all alone [C]with the [B]s tars [Em]ab ove
[C]You are [D]the one [G]I love
[C]So there's no [G]need to [D]wor ry girl
[G]My heart [D]is sealed [Em]for you
[C]And no [G]one's gonna [D]take it away
Cos' I [C]promi se you girl, [D]I promise you this
[D]Your [C]voice [D]is [C]calling to [D]me [Em]in my [G]dr eams
[D]M y [C]l ove [D]is [C]stron [D]ger th an it's [B7]ever be en
[Chorus]x 2
[G]W hen I'm [C]all alone with [B]t he [Em]stars a bove
[C]You are the [D]one I [G]l ove
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