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Capo ngăn 2
[Dm]If I tell you
Will you [Am]listen?
Will you [Bb]stay?
Will you be [Gm]here [Am]forever?
Never [C]go [Dm]away?
Never thought things would change
Hold me tight
Please don't say again
That you have to go
A bitter thought
I had it all
But I just let it go
Oh, this silence
It's so violent
Since your`re [Gm]gone
[Dm]All my [Bb]thoughts [C]are with [Am]you forever
[Dm]Until the [Bb]day we'll [C]be [Am]back together
[Gm]I will [Am]be waiting [Dm]for you
If I had told you
You would have listened
You had stayed
You would be here forever
Never [C]went [Dm]away
It would never have been the same
All our time
Would have been in vain
Cause you had to go
The sweetest thought
I had it all
Cause I did let you go
All our moments
Keep me warm
When you're gone
All my thoughts are with you forever
Until the day we'll be back together
I will be waiting for you.
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