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thế bấm
[G]Sometimes friends have to [Gadd9]leave.
It's very [G7]sad, but [C]true.
But [Bm]this me do believe
Friends [Am7]still a part of [D]you.
And if [G]you go [Dsus2/f#]away.
And [Em]live some other [C]place.
I will think [Am7/g]of [Em]you each day.
And see [Am7]your smiley [D]face.
And [G]we will [Am7]always be your [G]friends.
No [B7]matter where you [Em]are.
[G7]Just around the [C]bend.
Or [Am7]very, very [D]far.
Wherever [Am7]you will [G]go.
When you [B7]reach your journey's [Em]end.........
No [G7]matter [C]what.
We'll [D]always be your [G]friends.........
And we won't be surprised
If we meet again
And when we do
We still will be your friends
Your [Am7]very truest [D]bestest [G]friends.
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