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thế bấm
[Em] The falling [Am7] leaves [D7] drift by the [Gmaj7] window
[Cmaj7] The Autumn [B7] leaves of red and [Em] gold
I see your [Amaj7] lips [D7] the summer [Gmaj7] kisses
The sun burned [B7] hands I used to [Em] hold

Since you [B7] went away the days grow [Em] long
And soon I'll [Am7] hear [D7] old winter's [G] song
But I [Am6] miss you most of [B7] all my [Em] darling
When [Am] Autumn [B7] leaves start to [Em] fall

Sheet Ảnh 'Autumn leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)'

Autumn leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) sheet(bản nhạc)
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