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thế bấm
Intro:D A Bm G A
Verse 1:
I [D]was lost and [A]alone
Trying to [Bm]grow
Making my [G]way down that long [A]winding road
[D]H ad no reason or [A]rh yme
Like a song out [Bm]of time
And there you were [G]standing in front of my [A]eyes
[D]H ow could I be [A]s uch a fool?
To let go [Bm]of love
And [G]break all the [A]ru les
[D]G irl, when you walked [A]out that door
Left a hole in [Bm]my heart
And now [G]I know for [A]sure
[D]Y ou're the air [A]that I breathe
Girl, you're all that I [Bm]need
And I wanna [G]thank you [A]la dy
[D]Y ou're the words that [A]I read
You're the light [Bm]that I see
And your love [G]is all that I [A]need
Verse 2:
I was searching the vain
Playing a game
Had no one else but myself left to blame
You came into my world
No diamonds, no pearls
Could ever replace what you gave to me girl
Just like a castle of sand
Girl, I almost let love slip right out of my hands
And just like a flower needs rain
I will stand by your side
Through the joy and the pain
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