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thế bấm
Intro & Middle instrument

1. [C] We [Em] skipped the light fan-[Am] dango [C]
[F] Turned [Am] cartwheels 'cross the [Dm] floor [C]
[G] I was feeling kind of [Em] seasick
[C] The [Em] crowd called out for [Am] more [C]

[F] And the [Am] room was hummin' [Dm] harder [C]
[F] As the ceiling flew [Em] away
[C] And when we [Em] called outfor another [Am] drink [C]
[F] But the [Am] waiter brought a [Dm] tray.

Chorus: [G] And [Em] so it [C] was [Em] [Am] later [C]
[F] As the [Am] miller told his [Dm] tale [C]
[G] That her face at first just [Em] ghostly
[G] Turned a [C] whiter [F] shade of [C] pale [G][C]

2. [C] She said: "There is no [Am] reason [C]
[F] And the [Am] truth is plain to [Dm] see." [C]
[G] But I wander through my playin' [Em] cards
[C] Would [Em] not let her [Am] be [C]

[F] One of the [Am] sixteen vestal [Dm] virgins [C]
[G] Who were leaving for the [Em] coast
[C] And al-[Em] though my eyes were [Am] open [C]
[F] They might [Am] just as well been [Dm] closed
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